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Learn Expert Wrestling Techniques At Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies

WrestlingMixed martial arts competitors train in various disciplines. Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, and submission wrestling is essential to becoming a successful mixed martial arts fighter. Many mixed martial artists specialize in one aspect of the martial arts and their fighting emphasizes skills from that discipline. In the Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland area, you can learn the specifics of one or all of the mixed martial arts at Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies. You can also learn how to combine those skills and become a proficient mixed martial arts fighter.

Brief Background of Wrestling

Wrestling is part of the mixed martial arts. In a wrestling match, opponents square off and using a serious of moves, try to take down their opponent and gain control over him. It is through gaining this control that a competitor will win a match. Wrestling moves include takedowns, clinching, locking, and holding. Different styles of wrestling, such as Freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling have different rules. Greco-Roman is an international sport as well as an Olympic sport. In this type of wrestling, you cannot trip or maneuver the body below the belt. In this style of wrestling, throws are becoming increasingly popular. Freestyle wrestling is also an international sport as well as an Olympic sport. In this style of wrestling, you can use the legs. In both of these styles of wrestling, wins can be scored by points or by pinning the opponent’s shoulders to the mat.

Techniques of Submission Wrestling

WrestlingSubmission wrestling is a type of wrestling where the opponents are forbidden to strike each other and submission is had by applying a series of submission holds. This type of wrestling is also called submission grappling. Opponents begin in a standing position and submission takes place after one opponent is taken down to the ground. Submission wrestling or submission grappling is the sort of wrestling used in mixed martial arts.

While many skills are necessary to become a successful and skilled mixed martial arts competitor, arguably none are more important than learning submission wrestling techniques. Many mixed martial artists are skilled at standing combat, but in order to win a match, a mixed martial artist must be able to cause his opponent to submit. It is only through submission that a match can be won.

Learning the submission holds and techniques associated with submission wrestling can be difficult, but not when you have the best mixed martial arts training and lessons. Yes, with multiple locations in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland, Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies assures you the best training in submission wrestling. Mastering these skills will help you in your quest to be a mixed martial arts competitor.


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