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Strength And Conditioning For Mixed Martial Arts

A mixed martial arts athlete is multi-faceted. In fact, MMA fighters are some of the most talented athletes in competition today. If you live in and around the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area, you’re fortunate to have access to Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies. When you join any of our training academies, you stand to benefit as we understand the dynamic nature of mixed martial arts training. We help you achieve your mixed martial arts goals.

Strength training and conditioning are integral to your success as a mixed martial artist. Strength training is crucial for advancing your mixed martial arts skills to the next level. You’ll need to get stronger and you’ll need to be faster. Strength training can help you achieve that. When you’re developing your strength training program, look for ways to make it as diverse as possible. One simple strength workout with weights is not going to give you the variety you need and there is no magical formula that will suddenly make you stronger. You’ll need a variety of exercises to help increase your strength.

Exercises Help Improve Your Strength

You’ll need to incorporate some traditional gym exercises into your routine. Squats and dead lifts are vital to your routine. Clean and press exercises and snatches are important as well. Overhead squats and snatches are good to include. Exercises that incorporate a full body workout but focus on core strength are important to include in your workout. Exercises such as yoke carries, sled drags, and strongman lifts are beneficial. Bodyweight exercises are excellent ways to develop functional strength. These are options like pushups and pull-ups, dips and lunges and even handstand pushups. If these exercises are easy with your body weight, you’ll have the option to add weight.

When you’re looking at exercises and considering them for use in your strength workout, you’ll want to look for exercises that have a heavy focus on developing core strength. You’ll also want to look for exercises that move across two or more joints and exercises that move through more than one plane of motion. Look for exercises that are dynamic and that incorporate elements of balance and coordination. Choose exercises that have a heavy focus on bodyweight. These exercises are generally very effective and safe.

Choose The Best For Your Strength Training Program – Choose US!!

You’ll want to develop your strength training program with a mixed martial arts expert and a trainer; and who better than the ultimate expert at mixed martial arts – Master Lloyd Irvin. Be sure to accurately assess your fitness level when beginning any new exercise and be careful not to push yourself too hard when you begin. If you are getting back in shape after taking some time off, it’s always a good idea to have a physical from your doctor. Depending on your level of mixed martial arts competition or involvement, you’ll need to work with your teacher or a trainer to develop a conditioning program to get you in condition for your fight or you class or whatever your goal happens to be.

Finding a good mixed martial arts teacher and trainer in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area is easy, thanks to the multiple locations of Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies.


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