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Learn Important Self Defense Techniques At LIMMA

In the times we live in, it’s always a good idea for people to be on the defensive. In the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area, crimes are committed every day. Learning to be cautious and careful is a very important aspect of how we live our daily lives. We learn to lock up our homes and our cars. We find out the most straightforward routes from work to home, and we learn the art of not drawing attention to ourselves when walking late at night. Being cautious is a way of living, and being careful is something everyone should do.  Many people have the desire to take the desire for safety and security to the next level by learning some self-defense techniques. Learning mixed martial arts can help you learn to defend yourself in real world situations.

How Mixed Martial Arts Can Help You

Learning mixed martial arts is not the same as learning self-defense. In reality, it’s difficult to defend yourself in most real world situations, especially those involving weapons. But learning martial arts can help you in real life situations where you might find yourself in jeopardy. This might be in a work situation where you find yourself talking to a hostile coworker. It might be on the road where you might find yourself up against a driver with road rage. Self-defense can encompass a variety of situations, not just defending yourself in a fight or in a situation where you are attacked.

Self-Defense Skills

Learning mixed martial arts can be a part of your self-defense training. Mixed martial arts can teach you to keep your cool and assess a situation or an opponent. During your mixed martial arts training you will develop your skills of observation, watching your opponent and assessing his strengths and weaknesses. You will watch him enter the gym and watch him enter the ring. You’ll see how he looks at you and how he comes at you. You’ll be constantly thinking of strategies to defend yourself and then attack. These are all skills you will use in defending yourself in a real world situation.

In mixed martial arts, you’ll learn various striking methods, as well as take down methods. These might all become important to you in a real world attack. Taking down an opponent and learning to force them into submission, could be invaluable skills in a real world fight. These skills become second nature to you, when you practice them over and over.

You’ll also learn, in your mixed martial arts training, the art of walking away. Not all situations in the real world need to turn into fights. Self-defense includes the art of negotiation and the ability to recognize the need to escape. In mixed martial arts, you’ll learn to assess your situation and you’ll develop skills necessary to determine when it is the smarter move to simply walk away from a situation before it escalates.

Get Started Today!

Learning to defend yourself is important, and learning mixed martial arts is a way to help increase your self-defense skills. Learning mixed martial arts at any of our locations in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland is easy and under our guidance, you can learn skills that may help save your life.


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