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Nutrition is Essential For Mixed Martial Arts Success

In the Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia area, one of the fastest growing sports is mixed martial arts. The sport is creating lots of excitement and many people are joining our mixed martial arts training academies to learn more about the sport.

While many people use mixed martial arts as a form of exercise and recreation, many
people are choosing to concentrate on mixed martial arts as a competitive sport. Training for a competitive sport takes planning and dedication; you need to focus on strength and conditioning. Equally as important, however, is your diet.

Fuel For Your Body - FOOD

The foods you use to fuel your body as a mixed martial arts athlete are crucial to your continued success in competition. Athletes achieve training results at high levels when they consume a variety of foods. Storing carbohydrates in the body give the body energy reserves that will be called on during training sessions. Fats also provide fuel for the body and storing the right sorts of fats is a good thing for an athlete in training. During training, athletes have an increased need for protein, in order to rebuild muscles that are utilized. And proper water intake is necessary to avoid dehydrations.

Mixed martial arts, is a sport that requires bursts of energy for a sustained period of time. Storing carbohydrates for these bouts and training sessions is essential for maintaining a high energy level and for achieving maximum results. A high carbohydrate diet should be consumed or two or three days before a competitive event. Typical carbs that can be loaded up easily are things like pastas and breads. Look into a carbohydrate diet with your trainer or your physician and decide which one could be right for you.

Protein intake should be moderated during training as a mixed martial arts athlete. The ADA recommends that protein intake be between 10 and 12 percent of total calories. It’s recommended that endurance athletes consume between 1.2-1,4 grams of protein per kg of body weight and that strength trained athletes eat between 1.6 and 1.7 grams of protein per kg of body weight. One pound is equal to 2.2 kg. Calculate the amount of protein you need by dividing your weight by 2.2 and then multiplying that number by the recommended number of grams of protein. Speak with your trainer or your physician about the amount of protein you are eating as part of your overall training regimen.

A normal and varied diet should provide an athlete with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. There is no evidence to suggest that additional vitamin or mineral supplements are necessary or productive for athletes during training. To ensure that your diet is meeting your nutritional needs, be sure to discuss it with us.

Water is important for every athlete. It’s very important to stay hydrated at all times. Athletes should begin every event well hydrated and replace lost fluids at regular intervals during the competitive event or training session. The hydration process should be continuously monitored.

Nutrition plays a very important role in an athlete’s training and competition. Carefully creating a diet plan is an essential part of mixed martial arts training, and we at Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies help you with every aspect of your training.


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