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Find Success In Muay Thai Boxing - At Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies

Muay Thai BoxingIn the Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland area, you have Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies, for those who want to study the upcoming sport of mixed martial arts. Our mixed martial arts academies are developing at a rapid pace. Once you’ve found Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies, you can stop looking elsewhere as you’ve found the best!

 The sport of mixed martial arts is based on the idea that the best components of the martial arts can be combined in a competition to create the ultimate fighting arsenal. A mixed martial artist knowledgeable in the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, and grappling will be the best trained fighters able to take on anyone, with any set of skills. The combination of these three disciplines – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, and grappling will prevail.

About Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai boxing, a key element in mixed martial arts fighting and training, is also sometimes referred to as the “Science of Eight Limbs”. The knees, hands, elbows and shins are used in Muay Thai boxing. A Muay Thai boxer has the ability to strike using the eight points of contact, as opposed to the two points of contact used in regular boxing (two hands), and the four points (two hands and two feet) used in other forms of martial arts.

Muay Thai BoxingThe striking techniques used and developed in Muay Thai boxing are essential for a mixed martial artist to learn and to master. Those striking techniques will enable a fighter to set up a take down situation. Muay Thai boxing techniques are divided into two categories – Mae Mai (major) techniques and Luk Mai (minor) techniques. Over time, the discipline of Muay Thai boxing has incorporated more and more techniques from traditional boxing, as mixed martial artists wanted to develop stronger and more forceful striking techniques.

Almost all successful Muay Thai boxers use the elbow and knee techniques to gain advantage over their opponents. While traditional boxing methods using the fists are used, those moves are secondary to those using the elbow and the knee. Almost all Muay Thai techniques use the entire body in the move. The hips rotate with every punch, kick or block the fighter uses. Because Muay Thai uses the entire body in the movements, with the emphasis on moving the hips, core muscle strength plays an important role.

You Can Find Success With US at LIMMA

Muay Thai BoxingFinding success as a Muay Thai boxer means dedicating time and energy to training in the sport and physical discipline. A Muay Thai boxer must be in excellent physical shape to be a solid competitor. To help you achieve your goals in Muay Thai boxing in the Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland area, join Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academies.


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