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Learn Judo With Multiple-Time Judo Champion Lloyd Irvin

JudoTraining in the mixed martial arts takes time and dedication, but if you train at the right place, it becomes so much easier for you. You’ll soon realize that when you learn mixed martial arts at one of our mixed martial arts academies in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland locations. Learning the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai boxing and submission wrestling is key in becoming a proficient mixed martial arts fighter. Mastering elements of other martial arts disciplines can improve your skills and increase your fighting arsenal.

Learning elements of Judo can dramatically increase a mixed martial arts fighter’s changes of winning a fight. Judo is a Japanese martial art. The word Judo means the “gentle way.” The object in Judo is to use moves, to throw an opponent to the ground and then subdue the opponent using a variety of grappling holds. Strikes and thrusts are part of Judo, but these can only be used in particular combinations. In mixed martial arts, the Judo moves can be used freely.

Understanding the Techniques of Judo

The primary focus in Judo is on throwing and groundwork. Judo uses falls, throws, rolls, hold-downs, joint-locks and strikes in pursuit of the throw and the submission. In Judo, there are two main phases of the fight – the standing phase and the ground phase. In the standing phase, opponents try to throw each other down. Some joint-lock and submission holds can be used in the standing phase, but these are often hard to execute. Judo experts are skilled in takedowns with submissions. Strikes are not allowed in Judo because they are certain to injure the opponent. In the standing phase of Judo, the main emphasis is on throwing the opponent to the mat. Doing this will put the fighter in a dominant position. Another reason to throw an opponent to the mat is to try to shock the opponent’s body  with the impact of the throw, thereby causing him to submit.

In Judo, a well-executed throw can win a match. In mixed martial arts, the fighter still has to get the opponent to submit, using a submission technique. These techniques are taught in the ground phase of Judo as well as in other forms of wrestling and martial arts. Joint-locks, choke holds (also called strangulations0 and hold downs are used to cause the opponent to submit in Judo.

Judo, while a martial art, became a competitive sport during the last century. Judo was introduced in to the Olympics in the 1932 games. As a sport, Judo has weight classes and rules of competition. Skillful Judo practioners have competed in mixed martial arts bouts and have achieved success. Incorporating Judo practices and moves enhances a mixed martial artists chances of winning a fight.

Those competing in the sport see learning Judo as part of a mixed martial arts program, as extremely advantageous. Why not reap all the benefits of learning judo at any of our mixed martial arts academies location at Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia locations.


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