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Submission Wrestling

We have a full-blown No Gi Ground Grappling (Submission Wrestling) program here at our academy in addition to our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. Our students can train either with the gi (pronounced "gee" the standard BJJ uniform or "kimono" or without the gi (no gi grappling or submission wrestling). Our instructors are highly skilled in ground grappling and have won numerous titles throughout the nation. For example, if you go to your local bookstore and look through an issue of "Grappling" magazine, you can bet you’ll find more than one mention of our team in it. Along with our submission grappling knowledge, we have Division-1 wrestlers training on our mats on a daily basis. (Wrestling is an integral part of ground grappling without the gi.) We have the #1 Grappling Competition Team in the nation, but don’t let that scare you – anyone and everyone is welcome to come learn and get in great shape with us – you’ll never be forced to compete if you don’t want to. The great thing about our program is that whether you’re an advanced competitor or just someone who wants to learn and have fun, our instructors are qualified and dedicated to getting you exactly where you want to go.

If our program can achieve the kind of results as below, imagine what it can do for you…

One of our students from right here in Camp Springs, Maryland went to the Abu Dhabi on 2 days notice and defeated the legendary Renzo Gracie and submitted 6-Time Black Belt World Champion (the most in history!) Saulo Ribeiro (these two championship grapplers and true legends in the sport)... and he's been training less than 6 years!

Head Coach Lloyd Irvin is known world-wide as being an instructor who can literally transform ordinary people into extraordinary athletes at lighting speeds, using his proven "tried and tested" system of grappling. Our academy provides the necessary infrastructure that allows those who want to learn get to where they want to go as fast as possible.

To discover how to learn ground fighting for mma at our Maryland location, please click here Submission Wrestling to take advantage of our 30 Day Free Program.


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