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BJJ|How to Pass The Guard!

The 2012 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships is less than a year away. Master Lloyd has this unstoppable guard passing system that he is teaching the Team. The system and positioning is flawless. Like everything else, it takes time, effort, dedication, and a whole lot of trial and error to get.
The mantra with this particular guard passing series is… “I am STEEL! I cannot be moved!” Its TRUE! When you’re in the “position” you are unstoppable. The series is systematic. When your opponent does one thing you have 2,3,4 “transitions” to get to your new position. Its super hard to explain. LOL but you get my drift. 😉

Heres a sneak peak at this new Unstoppable Guard Passing system Master Lloyd has in store for Team Lloyd Irvin.

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