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Kids Martial Arts School

Team Lloyd Irvin's BJJ Kids

Team Lloyd Irvin's BJJ Kids











In the video below you’ll see Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy’s kids program warm up.

These kids are AWESOME!

Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy takes pride in their kids program. In competition, these kids are ranked BEST IN THE WORLD! Thats a very bold statement to say, but it is a 100% fact! Outside of competition these kids strive to be the best in the world at whatever they want to be.

At Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy these kids are on a well put schedule. School is #1! This is what their schedule looks like everyday.

  • Get picked up from school by our drivers
  • When they get dropped off they have their snack and get ready to rock n roll
  • After their snack, its straight to the books! HOMEWORK TIME! 😉
  • After homework, the kids get locked n loaded for some martial arts action
  • After martial arts the kids get to play and enjoy the rest of their time before their parents come scoop them.

Awesome Huh?

Fridays are fun days… Games and much more!!!

Its really nice to see these kids gain confidence, practice time management, learn how to defend themselves, get a lil workout in, and most importantly… Have Fun!

Check out the video below.

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