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**BJJ Technique** Importance of Flow Drilling!

Importance of Flow Drilling

What is Flow Drilling?

BJJ Black Belt Mike Fowler Shows "Flow Drilling."

BJJ Black Belt Mike Fowler Shows "Flow Drilling."

Flow Drilling is nothing more than doing your techniques over, over, and over again [repetition is key 😉] with your partner. While BJJ flow drilling you’re telling your partner what to do and keep flowing from position to position to submission to submission to position. When you first start off you wanna start at a good pace. While you’re flowing from position to position you can tell your partner to have his leg up after a sweep, or to bring his knee to his chest during a certain transition. This way you are flow drilling practical tournament scenarios.

How Does Flow Drilling Help?

When you start flow drilling you should take the time to put your moves together in a transitional sequence. You go over all the scenarios and different options in your head and go over them duirng the “flow.” When you go into a tournament you have a set game plan from all the different positions and scenarios you have drilled from the flow drilling training technique. Flow Drilling helps out a lot with your timing. While your flowing you are seeing when your techniques and options open up. When you keep doing it, it becomes 2nd nature to react in all the different scenarios at a tournament. Your transitional timing will get better from practice.

I Get Stuck During The Flow Drilling. What Do I Do?

Many times when you start flow drilling you may miss a transition. For example, you may not have your grip in the correct spot, so as you keep going working the “flow drills” you will definitely clean up your transitions. If you can beat your opponent to the transition during a pass you will pass. If you beat your opponent to the transition in a pass to a submission. You end the match! Check out the video below of JT and Jimmy “flow drilling” in Abu Dhabi. Nice good pace having fun! Enjoy! Flow Drilling is Super Fun! 😉

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