Lloyd Irvin Spy Cam: Look over Lloyd Irvin's Shoulder In This Blog

EPISODE 3! Kris “Savage” McCray and Travis “Knock Out” Brown!

WelCome to the Team Lloyd Irvin SPYCAM!

Kris McCray is looking real sharp! Ready to rip it up on Saturday.. Shadowboxing he looked sharp, hitting pads he was flowing, an in the clinch and on the ground he felt strong and technically sound… We CANNOT WAIT! Kris had a busy day with interviews and had his behind the scenes media and press workout session.

Team Lloyd Irvin/Alliance Training Center’s Travis “Knock Out” Brown will be the fight to see. Travis is 6’5″-6’6″, 250+lbs, and moves like lightweight! YES YES that is possible! Its gonna be CRAZY!!!!! Dont miss it!

Friday all the fighters will weigh in. And will be Streamlining  LIVE on UFC.tv


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