Lloyd Irvin Spy Cam: Look over Lloyd Irvin's Shoulder In This Blog

2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Overall Womens 1st Place Team Champions!

Whassup SpyCammers!

We are back! Up and running in Camp Springs MD. Team Lloyd Irvin took home the overall Womens 1st Place Trophy. We had Dominyka taking 2nd in the leve division, Kim Rivers taking 1st in the Pluma division, Sijara placing 3rd in the Absolute Blue Belt Division, Nyjah Easton placing 2nd in here brown belt division, and Tracey Goodell taking 1st in her division and in the blue belt absolute.

“Team Lloyd Irvin becomes the first American team to take first place in any team category at a major CBJJ event! I’m super excited, we set out to build a strong womens team and those efforts paid off. Nyjah Easton made it to the finals of her Brown/Black Belt taking the Silver medal and sealing Team Lloyd Irvins placeĀ in BJJ History! All of our females contributed to this great moment.”

-Master Lloyd Irvin

Team Lloyd Irvin Making History Once Again! We are back on it… coming up the New York Open first week of May. Brazilian Nationals the weekend after that. Then Mundials in June!

Watch out World!!! We’re coming to get ya!

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