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Pan American Championships 2010 Day 1

Whassup SpyCammers!

We have arrived in LA!


Day 1! Adult Blue Belts!

Me (Frank The Crank Camacho)
DJ Jackson
Willie Leonard
Jeremy West
Arthur Wilcott

It was a good tournament the first day! Great day for Jiu Jitsu with some refreshing Acai! WHOOO HOOO

I won my first three matches and lost my quarterfinals match! Im disappointed of course… the results are very useful for bigger tournaments this year! Worlds!

Arthur was doing real well but lost his fourth match

DJ was killing it on the mats but lost to the guy who won the division. DJ ended up with a Bronze

Jeremy was beasting on the mats till he DQd 2nd match.

WILLIE LEONARD! 2010 Pan American BJJ Champion!

Check out the video below! GO TEAM LLOYD IRVIN! AYYYYY


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